Beneteau Power Boats Range

Since 1884, Beneteau have been building boats for the Bay of Biscay fishermen and in 1964 Beneteau turned to fibreglass to develop a range of small coastal boats to meet the demand of the weekend fisherman for a strong and seaworthy boat.

Whilst most boat builders have chosen to only build larger boats, Beneteau are one of the few who cover the whole spectrum of motorboating from 16ft ski-boats to 106ft superyachts.

Today’s range has a model to suit every area of a demanding market with stylish and innovation designs.

Foxs Yacht Sales supply new Beneteau motor boats from the extensive range of Beneteau Power boats, with sleek design, quality construction and innovation.

Beneteau ANTARES

Beneteau Antares 11


Suitable for the family and extremely seaworthy, safe and comfortable to live aboard, the Antares range allows you to relax and enjoy the sea with ease. Whatever your pleasure, from day-boating to cruising, an Antares can reliably fulfil your needs. The Antares range offers both inboard and outboard versions to meet your requirements, from the cockpit to the wheelhouse the range impresses with the amount of on-board living space. It is a design that has won acclaim for its hull shape that is designed to take the weather and drive through the seas further than ever.

Beneteau FLYER

Beneteau Flyer 8


A stylish day-boat with a unique concept of the Air-Step® hull with two different deck plans, the Flyer is a refinement of technology. With a choice of the SPACEdeck and SUNdeck , with spacious models between 5 and 9 metres, they are undoubtedly an achievement in terms of design. Whatever your adventure; fishing, diving, skiing or day cruising, there is a FLYER to match your requirement.


Beneteau Gran Turismo 32


The Gran Turismo concept is an Italian-flavoured lifestyle, inspired by the world of sports cars. A combination of traditional and modern, they project elegant style and sporty character with spacious interiors. This new express cruiser concept is a perfect combination of high performance, comfort and manoeuvrability.


GT 41
GT 36
GT 32


Beneteau Swift Trawler 41


The Beneteau Swift Trawler range has reinvented the Trawler concept, a boat with a cruising pedigree that has left tradition behind to win in speed, autonomy and intelligent design. Seaworthy, extremely safe and comfortable, the Beneteau Swift Trawlers are cut out for long ocean adventures.

Beneteau Monte Carlo

Benteteau Monte Carlo MC6


A range of luxury motor boats by Monte Carlo offering glamour and unique style. The MC52 and the MC6, have beautiful lines designed and built for the sea, charting a course towards rediscovering true luxury values. Inspired by the Monte Carlo Yacht, these stylish motor cruisers are characterized by their magnificent hull, timeless elegance, detailed crafting and top quality finishes.

The Monte Carlo Yacht range is distributed in the UK via Fox’s Yacht Sales.


MC 6
MC 52